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Simplifying access to alternative investment funds for

Antwort is aligned with investors’ best interest

Our approach to investment projects is driven by the opportunity of the investment theme and strategy at each particular moment, and by the experience and reputation of the team.



Happy Investors

Strong processes to identify and select funds through strict due diligence vetted by the advisory and investment committees

Independent from any financial or industrial group

Aligned with investors’ interest by investing ourselves in our feeder funds

Our incentives do not jeopardize our legacy

Highly experienced and committed team

A strong investment selection process and approval procedures

Antwort Capital is aware that investors are relying on our capacity to follow best-in-class industry standards


Investors and Partners experience

We’ve had the great pleasure of working with Antwort Capital in making SwanCap’s private equity strategies available to a broad audience of individual investors.  Their culture of providing a high quality of service in specialized segments of the private equity fund industry resonated very well with our own.  The success of our collaboration stands as testimony hereto.

Claus Mansfeldt

Chairman and Managing Director, SwanCap

We have known the Founder of Antwort for many years and therefore the Family Office did not hesitate to invest in the Anwort funds.  Anwort is delivering the level of service that we need and expect

Daniel García Pita

Chairman, GARIP Family Office

I immediately liked the idea of using Antwort and their fund offering to diversify my portfolio’s exposure to Private Equity.  The smaller commitments and offering made it the perfect solution for having a continuous deal flow of private equity opportunities


Private Investor

SwanCap has an enviable skill in selecting and securing capacity from outstanding managers and now finally its funds are available to investors such as myself in smaller investment amounts.


Investor in Antwort Buyout Opportunities FF

Anwort is helping to meet a key need for individual investors, simplified access to private equity funds.  The onboarding process means that once I am on the Antwort platform, it is easier to access successive funds.


Private Investor

Individual investors have been systemically excluded from investing in private equity funds.  Antwort is correcting this!


Private Investor