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Alejandro Sabariego joins Antwort as Chief Compliance Officer

Paperjam 21.02.2023

Alejandro Sabariego joined Antwort Capital as Chief Compliance Officer and will be initially focused on obtaining the AIFM authorisation as Alternative Investment Fund Manager.

In addition, Alejandro Sabariego will be setting up and developing the internal control mechanisms of the company and will become the Responsable du Contrôle before the Luxembourg AML/CFT competent authorities.

With a preceding career in management companies, he has spent the past 10 years in Luxembourg at the forefront of portfolio management, Compliance and AML/CFT areas in the fund management industry building investment projects, distribution strategies and implementing his AML/CFT knowledge and expertise with regard to the applicable Luxembourg legislation and regulation.

During the past five years, Alejandro has focused on leading complex and highly successful Compliance programs in special situation AML/CFT framework.

Prior to Antwort, he was the Responsable du Contrôle of regulated alternative investment fund manager in Luxembourg and has a deep experience of regulation, control and risk mitigation strategies and governance.

 He has held senior positions at Andbank Asset Management and A&G Asset Management, among others. He holds a Bacherlor’s degree in Business Administration from UC3M, a Master’s degree in Finance from CUNEF and a Master in Quantitative Finance from AFI.