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DRACOON GmbH Acquisition: A Success Story from the Master Fund Portfolio

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Press release, November 2023

November 21, 2023

In a significant development, Round2 Capital proudly confirms the successful sale of all shares of its portfolio gem, DRACOON, to Kiteworks, marking a strategic expansion for Kiteworks into the DACH markets.

Since Round2 Capital’s initial investment, it has stood as a key shareholder in DRACOON, both through the fund’s backing and a co-investment with Round2 LPs. The exponential growth and achievements witnessed by DRACOON over the past few years have resulted in remarkable returns for Round2 investors within a relatively short engagement period.

*”Our collaboration with Kiteworks bolsters our suite of robust data security solutions for our clientele,”* affirmed Dr. Björn Momsen, Managing Director at DRACOON. Marc Schieder, also a Managing Director at DRACOON, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the synchronization between Kiteworks’ dedication to security standards and the shared focus between the entities and their customer base.

Stefan Nagel, Managing Partner of Round2 Capital, expressed admiration for DRACOON’s industry leadership and conveyed congratulations to the leadership team for finding a new home with Kiteworks. *”Ensuring data privacy and enabling sovereign control of data are paramount in today’s landscape,”* Nagel emphasized, underlining the core rationale behind Round2 Capital’s initial investment in DRACOON and its future investment trajectory within this domain.

Established in 2012, DRACOON is a German software provider specializing in secure data and file exchange on local infrastructure. Offering a highly secure, platform-independent file exchange software available in public cloud and on-premises versions, DRACOON boasts a global user base exceeding 500,000, including major corporations like Deutsche Bahn, Telekom, and Thyssenkrupp.

For more information about DRACOON, visit: DRACOON

About Kiteworks:
Founded in 1999, Kiteworks is a US-based cyber security platform provider offering file sharing, managed file transfer, and email data communications tailored to meet compliance standards. Operating globally, Kiteworks empowers organizations to effectively manage risk in every aspect of handling sensitive content.

For more information about Kiteworks, visit: Kiteworks

About Round2 Capital:
Round2 Capital, a rapidly expanding European investment firm managing EUR 140m, is headquartered in Vienna. Serving as a robust partner for European scale-ups and sustainable digital businesses, the firm has pioneered revenue-based finance in Europe since its inception in 2017. Operating across several European countries, Round2 Capital’s focus includes Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Nordic countries. The firm has successfully invested in 34 different software and technology scale-ups across 9 jurisdictions to date.

For more information about Round2Cap, visit: Round2Cap