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Well-informed investor

An eligible investor is defined as either a professional investor under Directive 2014/65/EU Annex II to MiFID II, or as your jurisdiction may further define an investor classification that would legally allow you to participate in an alternative investment. By certifying, you are confirming your official, separate request to be treated as an investor that would be eligible under your applicable regulatory rules, or in the case of reverse solicitation under the following Luxembourg rule:

In accordance with Article 2 Luxembourg law of 23 July 2016 (or Article 423-2 French AMF General Regulation of 23 May 2021) on reserved alternative investment funds, as may be amended from time to time, a well-informed investor can be an institutional investor, a professional investor, or any other investor that adheres to the status of well-informed investor, and

  • will invest a minimum of EUR 125,000 in the specialised investment fund, or
  • has been assessed by a credit institution, an investment firm or a management company which certifies the investors' ability to understand the risks associated with investing in RAIFs and/or SIFs as applicable.